History of Heraldry

Excerpt from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia: Heraldry is the system of visual identification of rank and pedigree which developed in the European High Middle Ages, closely associated with the courtly culture of chivalry, Latin Christianity, the Crusades, feudal aristocracy, and monarchy of the time. Heraldic tradition fully developed in

The Origin of Heraldry

“Armory” relates only to the emblems and devices. “Armoury” relates to the weapons themselves as weapons of warfare, or to the place used for the storing of the weapons. But these distinctions of spelling are modern. “Armory is that science of which the rules and the laws govern the

Watch Me Paint

Just set up a channel on Rumble titled the Classic Art of Heraldry where I will be posting videos of my work. Below is the first video showing live painting on a section of a Coat of Arms.

Heraldic Giftshop

You now have the option to order a variety of merchandise with Heraldry and Medieval related themes. If you commission a Coat of Arms you will have the option to order personalized merchandise with your Coat of Arms. https://coatofarmsartist.com/giftshop/

Oil Painting guilded in 24 kt Gold

Just completed! This luxurious 24″ x 30″ Painting is the perfect mantel piece for a home, or the focal point for a prestigious office. It is hand painted and inlaid with 24kt Gold. Without a doubt, members of your family will cherish it for generations, and your friends and

Corporate Coat of Arms

Digital Coat of Arms designs, or shields are often used in businesses. They are are created as vector graphics by hand via computer, in line art, color and some shading. In comparison to paintings they have a more modern contemporary look and make it ideal for logos, stationary, letterhead,

The Barony of Coldingham

We are immensely impressed with Susi’s work converting two heraldic arms into digitized renderings that now have practical utilizations in the modern world. Susi’s attention to detail and ability to let her own creativity shine through work that otherwise calls for accuracy and detail is very impressive. Susi’s artwork

World’s Greatest Family Reunion

In the 1800s, several Schmidts from the German village of Machtlos braved a voyage across the Atlantic. They settled from Iowa to Washington state to Washington DC. Their descendants now number well into the thousands. They are preparing to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest family reunion, and are