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How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the option selected. For a project specific estimate please request a FREE Consultation . If applicable sales tax, shipping or framing and will be calculated extra depending on project and shipping destination. Special delivery options are available on request at extra cost. Please check the general Pricing Guide.

How long does it take?

All my work is done manually and on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis! The length of time from start to completion depends on EXISTING WORKLOAD, SIZE, COMPLEXITY and DETAIL of artwork. For example if there are several ongoing projects my focus will be to complete those. When new commissions arrives the work will start but proceed slowly until earlier projects are complete or near completion. At times of high workload new commissions will go on the “waiting list”. To be added to the “waiting listed” means you have confirmed your intent and submitted your order. It is highly recommended that you do this months ahead of the date you need the artwork completed.

What is the procedure?

On receipt of your inquiry or request I will contact you to discuss options, prices and answer all related questions. Then will proceed step by step to completion of final artwork.

How do I pay?

I accept payments via Zelle, Paypal or Stripe. Small projects are generally paid upfront and for larger projects deposits and installments can be worked out on an individual basis.

How many drafts and revisions are included in a project?

It is very important that project instructions are clear and detailed. Included within the quoted price are generally one draft, 1 or 2 or 3 sets of revisions plus final artwork. If additional sets of revisions are necessary you will be notified in advance and charged $50 for every hour of extra work. Payments for extra revisions are due and payable on receipt of invoice. Clear and detailed instructions will reduce the risk of excessive revisions.

Will I receive updates?

There will be as much communication as required to ensure a most optimum outcome. I will do my best to keep you updated, but depending on workload there may be periods when you don’t hear from me. In that case you are always welcome to e-mail or call me for an update.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are acceptable for payments made upfront where no work was done or delivered. But in case of project termination by client before completion, where sketches, drafts, revisions or finals have already been submitted, deposits or paid installments are non-refundable. When ordering a commission it is with the understanding that you have read and agree with these terms. Be sure to ask questions before ordering.

I don't have a coat of arms, can you create one?

Yes I can. I offer different design and painting options suitable for different purposes. If you are unsure which or have questions please request a FREE Consultation .

I have ideas for a coat of arms, but I am not sure if it conforms with the rules of Heraldry?

Before starting a project I will do an interview with you to gain an understanding of your needs and wants. Some clients expect traditional Western Heraldry or wish to register their coat of arms with a Heraldic organization. In that case the rules specific to Western Heraldry are adhered to. Some clients prefer something different based on other cultural or ethnic values, or in some cases the preference is fictional Heraldry. As an artist I respect, appreciate and enjoy all three.

What is a redesign?

You may be in possession of a Coat of Arms that’s been in your family for generations but you dislike the design and prefer a new updated design or a beautiful painting. Or you might wish to create to make copies for other family members or merchandise. In such a case you would request a redesign. Please visit Commissions for more info.

What is a restoration?

A restoration is the practice of restoring the appearance of an existing artwork or photograph which has been damaged over time by age or neglect. You may be in possession of a Coat of Arms that’s been in your family for centuries but is in need of restoration to remove visible damage or effects of aging. And rather than creating a new artistic rendition, a restoration will help remove evidence of dirt, scratches, faded colors and other signs aging.Please visit Commissions for more info.

Do you accept rush jobs?

Generally no, but I will try to work with clients individually. If accepted expect a 20% – 50% surcharge and full upfront payment. Rush jobs for oil paintings on canvas are not accepted.

Are there projects you will decline?

I reserve the right to decline commissions due to high workload, requests that I would consider offensive, bad taste, or a violation of my artistic integrity and standards.

Do you use clipart or templates?

I can on request. But generally all my work is exclusive and individually designed. Either hand designed digitally with vector software, or hand painted digitally or traditional with acrylics or oils on canvas. They are not mass produced. Each is unique, one of a kind requiring hours of work.

Can I register my Coat of Arms?

I don’t provide Heraldic registration services, but can assist you with the process or refer you to organizations that provide this service.

Who owns the copyright?

Generally the sale, commission or ownership of artwork does not automatically transfer the copyright to a buyer.

Following rights come with a commission:
• Ownership of physical artwork and/or digital artwork.
• Exclusive (non commercial) full reproduction rights, such as copies, prints.
• Merchandise for own business, organization, family members and relatives.
• Buyer agrees to give appropriate credit to the artist in all reproductions.
• Artist reserves the right to display artwork publicly in promotional items and in online portfolios.
(If for some reason you do not want your Coat of Arms publicly displayed for privacy reasons please notify the artist prior to completion of project.)
• All other licenses and rights not specifically granted herein, remain with the artist.

Anything I missed?

Please send me an inquiry, request a FREE Consultation or call (+1)208 556 5299.


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