Terms & Conditions

If an old coat of arms exists in your family I would need a copy or photo of it. In addition I need a description and your vision of what the coat of arms should represent. If no coat of arms exists in your family I just need a good description that illustrates your ideas and vision of the coat of arms. Sketches and images that illustrate your ideas are also very helpful. The more clear & detailed the description the better.

  1. I offer designs/paintings in 3 different options  suitable for different purposes.If you are unsure which or have questions please request a FREE Consultation.
  2. On receipt of your e-mail or consultation request I will contact you to discuss options/prices and answer any related questions.  You also have the option to request a call back, in that case be sure to leave your phone number or skype ID. You can also chat with me, just click the blue chat button on the right.
  3. Once your exact needs are established you will have the option to order a commission via this website, or you will receive an invoice by e-mail.
  4. Depending on size of project a minimum of 30% – 50% deposit is required for any project to start. Installments will be due as mutually agreed and final payment will be due on approval of design, before artwork is e-mailed or shipped.
  5. Work begins upon receipt of order. It strongly is recommended that you include with your order a concise detailed description of your vision. Sample images that illustrate what you have in mind are also recommended. The more clear & concise your description the easier the design process! This prevents misunderstandings, extra cost and extensive amounts of revisions.
  6. You will receive a very unique and customized step by step service. I will be in touch with you via e-mail or phone, and you will be able to give your creative input on the design and approve sketches before artwork is finalized.
  7. When the first draft is done you will receive  a copy of it via e-mail for your review. To proceed I will need your written feedback with anything you want added, changed or removed from the draft.
  8. I will then make the requested revisions and resubmit for your review. Again you will have the option to request additional set of revisions via e-mail.
  9. After receiving your second feedback I will proceed and finalize the artwork.
  10. Unless agreed otherwise all commission prices include 1 draft, 2 sets of revisions and final artwork. (If additional revisions are required it can be done at $50.00 per hour)
  11. When the artwork is complete you will receive notification via e-mail for final approval.
  12. Once approved  you will receive a high resolution file of the artwork via e-mail, download link. In the case of of a traditional oil  painting you will receive shipping details and a tracking code. If applicable shipping will be calculated individually depending on order and shipping destination. Special delivery options are available on request at extra cost.

My projects are done on a “First Come-First Serve” basis. Each commission is done manually and is custom designed. It takes quite a bit longer than “cut and paste” clip art designs. I work roughly on 6 – 8 concurrent projects within a given period of 2-3 months. If a new commissions are ordered during that period the work will start, but will be scheduled for completion within the next consecutive 2 – 3 months. A digital vector design will take typically 4 – 6 weeks…and sometimes longer. Oil paintings by hand will take several months and require up to 6 months to fully dry.

When ordering be sure to ask questions and let me know if artwork is needed by a specific date. If time is limited I would suggest digital artwork over traditional paintings. Currently my work load is high, there is a waiting list and delivery dates could exceed the general timelines. It is therefore strongly recommended that projects are planned and ordered well in advance of any deadline dates.

Generally no, but I will try to work with clients individually. If accepted expect a 30% surcharge and full upfront payment. Rush jobs for oil paintings on canvas are not accepted.

It is an individual step by step process and there will be as much communication as required until you are happy with the design or painting. I will do my best to keep you regularly updated, but depending on workload there may be periods when you don’t hear from me. In that case you are always welcome to e-mail or call me for a progress update.

Cost varies depending on the option selected. To see pricing options please visit Order & Prices. Applicable Sales tax and shipping is added and charged on check out.

The price for a family tree is estimated by number of people and amount of illustrations to be represented within the artwork. To provide accurate cost estimates an exact count of all people/ancestors is required. Applicable Sales tax and shipping is added and charged on check out. For more info visit Order & Prices.

A restoration is the practice of restoring the appearance of an existing artwork or photograph which has been damaged over time by age or neglect. You may be in possession of a Coat of Arms that’s been in your family for centuries but is in need of restoration to remove visible damage or effects of aging. And rather than creating a new artistic rendition, a restoration will help remove evidence of dirt, scratches, faded colors and other signs aging. For more info visit Restorations.

I offer vector designs, digital paintings, and traditional paintings in acrylics or oils on canvas. See style samples below. The section titled “Creative Services” on the homepage explains this more in detail.

It is very important that instructions for any project are clear and detailed. Included within the quoted price, depending on selected option, are initial draft(s), 1-2-3 set(s) revisions, plus final artwork. If additional sets of revisions are required you will be notified in advance and charged $50 for every hour of extra work. Payments for extra revisions are due and payable on receipt of invoice. Clear and details description of your vision reduces the risk of extra revisions.

Sketch or Draft: A hasty, undetailed or rough concept, drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
Set of revision: A set of revisions means a list of things to be revised or changed in a design after a draft has been submitted for review and approval to a client.

I can on request. But generally all my work is exclusive and individually designed. Either hand designed digitally in vector software, hand painted digitally or traditional with acrylics or oils on canvas. They are not mass produced or off the shelf. Each is unique, one of a kind which requires hours of work.

If applicable shipping will be calculated individually depending on order and shipping destination. Special delivery options are available on request at extra cost.

Refunds are acceptable for payments made upfront where no work was done or delivered. But in case of project termination by client before completion, where sketches, drafts, revisions or finals have already been submitted, deposits or paid installments are non-refundable. When ordering a commission it is with the understanding that you have read and agree with these terms. Be sure to ask questions before ordering.

I don’t provide registration services, but can assist you with the process or refer you to organizations that provide this service.

Generally the sale, commission and ownership of artwork does not automatically transfer the copyright to a buyer. Following rights come with a commission:

  • Ownership of physical artwork and/or digital artwork.
  • Exclusive (non commercial) full reproduction rights, such as copies, prints.
  • Merchandise for own business, organization, family members and relatives.
  • Buyer agrees to give appropriate credit to the artist in all reproductions.
  • Artist reserves the right to display artwork publicly in promotional items and in online portfolios.
    (If you do not want your Coat of Arms publicly displayed for privacy reasons please notify the artist prior to completion of project.)
  • Mass reproduction/resale of a design or painting for strict commercial purposes require a prior
    licensing agreement with the artist.
  • All other licenses and rights not specifically granted herein, remain with the artist.

Sure, you have a couple options:

  1. Do a full genealogical research that fully traces the lineage of your family back to it’s origins. This is the most costly and time consuming, but the best and surest way to determine if an genuine coat of arms existed in your family.
  2. Or go to an internet coat of arms search site, this is the least expensive, but the information you will receive is based on heraldic sources, not individual genealogical search that traces your lineage. You might end up with a coat of arms for your name but this is not to be confused with a personalized search of descent or lineage , or a coat of arms that is newly and uniquely designed for you. You could do the above either by yourself, or by hiring a qualified researcher/artist to design or paint the coat of arms for you.

You can chat or leave me a message via the blue chat button on the bottom right of the homepage, request a FREE Consultation or call (1)208 556 5299.