Would you like to Learn how to Create your own Coat of Arms?

Since ancient times people have created colorful signs, patterns, symbols and emblems to identify themselves and to publicly display their values, beliefs, principles and loyalties. Think about it like the logo of a company. Why would an individual, family or group not also display their values in form of an emblem symbol or sign? Everyone has a right to bear a Coat of Arms, symbol or emblem. It does not require a king or some authority to present you one. In the age of digital ID and super computers express your individuality, don’t be a “number”!

So why not create your own? “Arm up” and create your very own beautiful Coat of Arms, symbol, emblem, flag or Coat of Arms.

I can help!
I am currently setting up a mentoring service for aspiring artists, individuals or enthusiasts who wish to learn, create and design their own Coat of Arms or Heraldry related Art. You can join FREE, or you can support and help me build this community for a small monthly fee. Supporters will have personalized mentoring, receive tips, and have access to exclusive content and tools.