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Acrylics on Canvas

Welcome! You must have arrived here, because you are searching for a coat of arms, or because you need help with designing one. You have arrived at the right place. As a member of THE SOCIETY OF HERALDIC ARTS (S.H.A.) and with many years of professional experience I have designed and painted Coat of Arms, Family Crests, Family Trees and Monograms for many individuals, families businesses, nobility and royalty around the world.

Generally there are 2 ways you could obtain a coat of arms:
1. Do a full genealogical research that fully traces the lineage of your family back to it’s origins. This is the most costly and time consuming, but the best and surest way to determine if an old genuine coat of arms existed in your family.

2. Or go to an internet coat of arms search site, this is the least expensive, but the information you will receive is based on heraldic sources, not individual genealogical search that traces your lineage. You might end up with a coat of arms for your name but this is NOT to be confused with a personalized search of descent or lineage , or a coat of arms that is newly and uniquely designed for you.

You could do the above either by yourself, or by hiring a qualified researcher/artist to design or paint a unique coat of arms for you. Registration for your coat of arms is optional, but if you chose to do so I will work in coordination with the registration entity to ensure the design conforms with their guidelines. My services are not free, but I offer FREE Consultations.

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The Coat of Arms samples below were individually designed commissions.…


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Digital design

ENDORSEMENT: We are immensely impressed with Susi’s work converting two heraldic arms into digitized renderings that now have practical utilizations in the modern world. Susi’s attention to detail and ability to let her own creativity shine through work that otherwise calls for accuracy and detail is very impressive. Susi’s

Just off the Easle

Coat of Arm design & painting, just completed for a client from Virgina. Hand painted in acrylics on canvas. To see more samples, or learn more about my activities as a Heraldic Artist please check out  my portfolios.            

New Coat of Arms

“First and Foremost, I truly respect Ms Susi Galloway for her professionalism; not often that one engaged in the Internet Commerce, conduct business someone that’s true their craftsmanship and commitment….”  

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