Hand Painted and Embellished with 24 kt Gold

Just completed! This luxurious 24″ x 30″ Painting is the perfect mantel piece for a home, or the focal point for a prestigious office. It is hand painted and inlaid with 24kt Gold. Without a doubt, members of your family will cherish it for generations to come, and your friends and associates will admire it.




The Barony of Coldingham

We are immensely impressed with Susi’s work converting two heraldic arms into digitized renderings that now have practical utilizations in the modern world. Susi’s attention to detail and ability to let her own creativity shine through work that otherwise calls for accuracy and detail is very impressive. Susi’s artwork contributes to the history and preservation of heraldic art by helping to ensure the continued and increased use of arms and crests in the electronic age. Thank you Susi. Peter, The Baron of Coldingham and Rebecca, Lady Coldingham. http://coldingham.org/



Just off the Easle

Coat of Arm design & painting, just completed for a client from Virgina. Hand painted in acrylics on canvas.
To see more samples, or learn more about my activities as a Heraldic Artist please check out  my portfolios.