How to proceed…

1.  I offer designs/paintings in 3 different options  suitable for different purposes.
If you are unsure which or have other related questions please request a FREE Consultation.

2.  On receipt of your e-mail or consultation request I will contact you to discuss options/prices and answer any related questions.  You also have the option to request a call back, in that case be sure to leave your phone number or Skype ID.

You also have the option to chat with me, just click the blue chat button on the right.


3.  Once your exact needs are established you will have the option to order a commission via this website, or you will receive an invoice by e-mail.


4.  On receipt of your order I will get started with the work. You will receive an order confirmation and a time estimate for the first  draft of the artwork. It is recommended that you back up your order with a detailed description of what is needed and also sample images that illustrate what you have in mind. The clearer your description the easier the design process!


5.  When the first draft is done you will receive  a copy of it via e-mail for your review. To proceed I will need your written feedback with anything you want added, changed or removed from the draft.


6.  I will then make all the requested revisions and resubmit for your review. Again you will have the option to request additional revisions via e-mail.


7.  After receiving your second feedback I will proceed and finalize the artwork.


8.  Unless agreed otherwise all commission prices include 1 draft, 2 sets of revisions and final artwork.
(If additional revisions are required it can be done at $50.00 per hour)


9.  When the artwork is complete you will receive a copy of it via e-mail for final approval.


10.  Once approved  you will receive a high resolution file of the artwork via e-mail, download link.
In the case of of a traditional oil  painting you will receive shipping details and a tracking code. If applicable shipping will be calculated individually depending on order and shipping destination. Special delivery options are available on request at extra cost. 


11. More questions………? 
You can chat with me, please click the blue chat button on the  right, request a FREE Consultation  or  submit your order.